Tear Trough Treatment

Tear trough treatment is a non-surgical eye lift that can restore lost volume to the hollows underneath your eyes. As we age the delicate skin underneath your eyes becomes lax, and even if you have had a good night's sleep you can still waken looking worn out and older than you really feel.

Tear trough treatment can address this in most cases, by re-suspending the tissue in the upper cheek and underneath the eye.

Depressions under the eye can be a genetic trait that even younger people want to refine. The appearance of these under eye circle can appear as darkened eye-bags due to shadowing. Older people suffer from fat pad descent and loss of plumpness. This thin skin sinks into the hollow left behind, and the eyes appear tired, dull and aged.

Specially formulated dermal filler is introduced underneath the skin through very fine needles. The area is re-plumped and the hollows can be reduced. This reduces shadowing and alleviates that tired, drawn appearance. The results are seen instantly and treatment is very quick. The treatment results last between 6 - 12 months, it all depends on how quickly the material is, degraded how much correction is needed, and your age and lifestyle. The treatment is not permanent, so you are in control of how you look.

Each treatment will improve the appearance of the hollows. Full correction will usually not be achieved if the hollows are very deep. They can require several visits to achieve correction.

Before & After Pictures

Tear Trough Treatment

Tear Trough treatment plus cheek lift