Plasma Pen

One of the most advanced products on the market, the plasma pen combines NASA science with the most advanced medical research to create a tool that can replace traditional surgical intervention. The plasma pen can treat problem areas like the hanging eyelids, neck skin and smoker lines at just the touch of a button. With a needle that is fine and pointed, it is possible to ensure pinpoint precision without causing trauma on any other area of the skin - benefits that before now would only have been possible with the use of surgery.

How it works

Nitrogen plasma technology delivers controlled heating to the skin architecture stimulating a significant physiological response, without creating an open wound.

Nitrogen gas is converted into plasma energy, the fourth state of matter. The plasma emerges from the hand piece and maintaining distance from the skin causes a lightning bolt and rapid heating of tissue occurs as it gives up its unique thermal energy to tissue.

Plasma pen uses a highly energised gaseous state known as plasma to produce a unique thermal profile to penetrate the superficial and deeper levels of the dermis to replace damaged collagen and encourage new collagen growth for new skin.

After the Treatment

The treated photo-damaged layers undergo a controlled thermal modification, while remaining intact, creating a natural dressing to provide protection and speed healing. At high energies the epidermis sheds, but only after a new, healthier skin architecture is formed beneath.

Plasma pen is the ideal option for the treatment of the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the wider periorbital region. Other technologies cannot be used in this area or deliver inconsistent results.

Clinical studies show neocollagenesis and reduction in elastosis continuing for more than one year post treatment.

The Proven Power of Plasma for Skin Regeneration

  • Unique technology - controlled pulses of nitrogen plasma energy
  • Deep Tissue Remodelling - epidermis acts as natural dressing post treatment
  • Precise - treat eyelids effectively with significant results
  • Long-lasting effects - intense fibroblast activity supports continued regeneration.
  • Consistent - non-fractionated and non-chromophore dependence assures uniform energy absorption
  • Proven - Plasma Skin Regeneration is supported by numerous IRB-controlled studies

What you can treat

  • Heavy/droopy eyelids
  • Excess skin on neck
  • Fine lines around eyes
  • Smoker lines around lips
  • Skin tags
  • Syringoma

Before & After Pictures

Plasma Pen