March 2017 News

Body sculpting is in high demand

20th March 2017

Do you watch what you eat? Exercise regularly and still have a stubborn pool of fat that won't shift? Usually, it is genetics working against you, and that means certain areas of your body will store fat more readily in different areas. Fat cells just under the skin are notoriously hard to remove, as the fat cells can get smaller in size, they won't disappear.

Aqualyx dissolves theses fat storage cells, using desoxycholan-acid. This is a natural product usually used to aid digestion. It is made in the liver.

The amount of treatment required depends on the desired degree of improvement, the dimension of the fat pad, and your individual reaction to treatment. On average, you will need 3-5 appointments at 3 week intervals until you see the results.

Goodbye bingo wings, double chin, saddle bags, and love han dles! Hello, new you.